The Zimi Bagel Scholarship was established in 2022 to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and athletic achievement and made positive contributions to our community. We are very excited to recognize the inaugural recipients of the Zimi Bagel Scholarship, Kieran Bellew and Julia Neubauer, Pearl River High School 2022 graduating seniors.  These two outstanding young adults were awarded $1,000 each to use towards their first year of undergraduate studies. Kieran and Julia achieved high academic standing, and demonstrated a strong commitment, passion, and success as athletes of Pearl River HS. They have also served our communities in a number of ways, including supporting our senior citizens during COVID and acting as healthcare advocates. 

Team Zimi congratulates Kieran, Julia and all the graduates of the Class of 2022! We wish them success as they continue their academic and other pursuits. 

We would like to acknowledge our customers' continued support, which made this scholarship possible. 

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This year's Zimi Bagel/Demakis Scholarships 2023 have been awarded to the following outstanding young adults. In addition to their high educational achievements these graduating seniors were comprised of accomplished athletes, writers, debaters and musicians.

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This year's winners for Pearl River High School are: Molly Devaney

Molly Devaney PRHS 2023 scholarship

Ryan Cowie

Ryan Cowie PRHS 2023 scholarship

This year's winners for Nanuet High School are: Camille Ackerman

Meghan Meehan

All applicants demonstrated impressive strengths beyond academics, making our decisions far from easy. We applaud all applicants and graduating seniors of June 2023. We wish them continued success as our grassroots home-grown Pearl River and Nanuet businesses are honored to be part of the community and towns they call home.

We would also like to thank our teachers and school administrators for their efforts. And, of course, a big thank you from Team Zimi goes out to our friends and customers which make these annual scholarships at our local high schools possible.

Camille Ackerman Meghan Meehan NHS 2023 schola